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Emirates Towers Boulevard

Located within one of Dubai’s most well-known landmarks, The Boulevard at Emirates Towers District is home to AREA 2071, a ‘garden of innovation’ where the aims and vision of the UAE Centennial Plan will come to fruition.

Designed to create a global impact, the space is modelled on the principals of ‘Community gardening’, where an inter-dependent ecosystem of new-start ups, creatives, freelancers and incubators inspires connection and unlocks a culture of collaboration and innovation for solving the most important human challenges.

165,885 sq. ft.
Number of units
67 units


AREA 2071’s flexible, enriching environment has been designed to nourish a wide spectrum of experiences, from common resources and private workspaces to inspirational shared activities.
For your peace of mind, 24-hour security is operational at this development at all times.
24-hour on-site security
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